Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list


Here it is folks:

  1. John Horgan advocates ‘teaching the controversy’ when it comes to evolution, global warming and multiverses.
  2. Surgeon/scientist/blogger David Gorski criticized how some doctors respond to TV doctor Dr. Oz. Especially since I’ve been thinking about strategy, I found this quote spot on: “I’m not opposed to splashy PR moves in general. I just think that they should be smart and thought through, with a definite goal in mind other than stirring up trouble. Dr. Miller’s little publicity stunt failed this test on every level, and, worse, could wind up backfiring spectacularly, leaving the rest of us who care about all the quackery Dr. Oz spreads, not just his fear mongering about GMOs, to deal with the consequences.”
  3. Dan Kahan reflects on what it means to “believe in” or “accept” evolution. These concepts must be defined at the start of any ‘acceptance of evolution’ research program.
  4. I was lucky to be able to see my family last weekend. My mom made me poha, one of my favorite Indian breakfasts. Check out this recipe, go to your local Indian grocery store to get the ingredients, and try it out!

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