Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list

Hello readers. Apologies on the delay since my last post. I promise to try get back to a more regular blogging cadence. But until then, here’s the weekend reading list!

  1. How scientists at Virgnia Tech helped the residents of Flint, Michigan.
  2. Alan Jacobs has an interesting reading workflow.
  3. Tenure protects nothing.
  4. My 2nd/3rd favorite team just won the Super Bowl. Here’s a really good data-driven addition to the Brady v. Manning debate.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Instapaper. Whoa! I had never heard of it, never conceived of the existence of such a thing, but wow, I love it. Thanks!

  2. Loved the tenure story. It’s funny though that the title was tenure protect nothing, and then she showed how tenure does protect and encourage bad behavior even if it doesn’t necessarily protect a job. Alls he said is true, which has been an on-going conversation over the past few years at Christian colleges and universities where people have lost jobs because more important than tenure is adherence to particular strains of Christian theological viewpoints.

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