Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list


Here is is folks:

  1. My PhD research was in space plasma physics, which is basically applied electromagnetics. I have always felt James Maxwell–founder of E&M–doesn’t get as much respect for his physics greatness as he deserved. He deserves to be as famous as Newton and Einstein. And so I was very happy to see this article.
  2. Four things universities should do to cut costs.
  3. The response: four things columnists should do before writing about universities!
  4. Christians and the illusion of respectability.
  5. John McWhorter on the closed minds of campus protestors.
  6. Randall Kennedy, also on campus protesters.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Agreed on Maxwell, though in some circles he does get that credit. But not in popular circles, what you say is true.

  2. Thanks for getting me to a good article in Christianity Today and from it to an interesting article on C.S. Lewis being an MI6 agent. I think the title of the article exaggerates his role in British intelligence. However, he did contribute something to the war against the Nazis.

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