Those unscientific creationists


Meet Kurt Wise, PhD geologist from Harvard:

In 1989, Wise earned a Ph.D. in Geology from Harvard University. In addition, he has an M.A. in Geology from Harvard University and a B.A. Geology from the University of Chicago…Wise has said he believes, according to a literal reading of the Bible, “that the earth is young, and the universe is young, I would suggest that it’s less than ten thousand years in age.” He believes that science can be used to support and demonstrate these claims.

If being a creationist is so harmful, how did he get that fancy Harvard PhD? Care to explain that Lawrence Krauss?


  1. Interesting. What is the usual response to a comment like this? I ask because I’m sure people who think it is harmful aren’t necessarily convinced and will give a reason about it. I think one response I have heard is that there are different things we mean when we say “believe in evolution” or “believe in creation” and that assent can be at different levels.

  2. It’s certainly helped Wise to get a job with ICR. But it hasn’t helped him conduct new paleontology research. Conclusion: Creationism is a dead end, if one wishes to conduct research specifically guided by that research.

    BTW Wise is a bit of a heretic. He admits that the fossil record is strong evidence for conventional evolutionary theory.

    1. Thanks for the comments, and sorry for the slow response. I agree Wise is a bit of a heretic. I was just pointing out that it’s possible to get a PhD and still be a creationist. Thanks again!

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