The firing of Richard Armitage

A few months ago I read about creationist microscopist on Adam Laats’s blog:

Armitage, a microscopist formerly at Cal State Northridge, is suing his former employer for wrongful termination. Armitage had discovered some soft-tissue residue in a fossil from a Triceratops horn. Like many young-earth creationists, he took this as proof that the fossil layer was thousands of years old, not millions.

Though he left his creationist conclusions out of his peer-reviewed publications about the fossil, he did not leave those conclusions out of conversations with students. And, though Nature magazine could not get a satisfying answer from Cal State Northridge, it seems those conversations were the problem. Armitage was not accused of doing a bad job as a microscopist. That’s why he’s suing.

I’ve been meaning to follow up. A friend helpfully reminded me of it last night. A few more links here, here and here. Busy at our annual company meeting this week. But I’ll try find some time for analysis.

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