Science and religion links

Here are a few S&R links to check out:

  1. My boy Dan Kahan highlighted a new paper which claims that religion rather than politics generates conflicts over science.
  2. Kahan responds to paper here…
  3. …and Chris Mooney does here.
  4. Via BioLogos’s Twitter feed, Christianity Today discusses the Perceptions Project, which brings scientists and evangelical leaders together to talk and stuff.
  5. Again via BioLogos, check out this awesome post about a Christian who “came out of hiding” to admit she believed in evolution. I wish we had analogous posts by people who admitted to being creationists. But I’ll take what I can get.
  6. Just came across Salman Hameed’s blog. Hameed focuses on S&R from an Islamic perspective. Looks interesting!


    1. Great point, Robert. I would even say we might want to define what we mean by Christian. But I’m happy to start with what “Creationism” means, especially because I think people understand it differently.

      1. IMO not all Creationists are Christians, and not all Christians are Creationists. I define Creationism as the notion that some individuals of some presently living species arose without previous biological ancestry. Adam is a classic example of such an individual.


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