Jamaican food rocks


My wife and I went back to the country of my childhood for the holidays, and I’m still catching up on everything. I’m also moving houses this weekend. Since I don’t have time to write a real post (no snarky comments about how none of my posts are “real”), instead find above a picture of Jamaica’s national dish. Or rather, the scrambled eggs-looking thing in the top left is the national dish. It’s called ackee and saltfish. Also visible are fried dumplings, plantains, roasted breadfruit and boiled yam. It. Was. Amazing.

I don’t think people appreciate Jamaica for the culinary destination that it is.  Yes the beaches are beautiful. But methinks the cuisine is overlooked.

Okay fine. I’ll toss in a little science and religion for you. Here’s a post on a Jesuit astronomer from Daniel Silliman:

Journalist Nick Tabor interviews Jesuit astronomer Guy Consolmagno, who has some interesting things to say about the relationship between science and religion:

In TV and radio appearances he’s frequently called on to discuss an old subject: How does he reconcile his faith with science?

‘It’s a question that never actually arises in our lives — ever,’ he said during a recent interview with Religion Dispatches. ‘It’s sort of like asking, “How do you reconcile being a scientist and a Detroit Lions fan?”‘

So why do so many feel the two do — or should — conflict? Consolmango tells Tabor it’s caused by a seeing both science and religion as smaller than they really are.

I promise to either start blogging again for real or post more pictures from the vacation.

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