Evangelical environmentalists

Via David Bruggeman’s Twitter feed, I came across this fascinating article on how two different evangelical Christian organizations view climate change. From the introduction:

The stereotype of Evangelical Christians is that they are anti-science, and therefore don’t believe in climate change. But in fact, they are deeply divided over environmental issues. A debate over climate change is raging in Evangelical churches, fueled by conflicting interpretations of Biblical scripture.

Among the most active groups in this debate is the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN). Founded in 1993, its defining document is the Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation, which affirms basic Evangelical tenets such as the “full authority of Scriptures” while also rejecting nature worship and positing stewardship of God’s creation as the Biblical rationale for environmentalism.

Although EEN is primarily an educational outreach organization, it has become increasingly active in politics. In 1996, the group helped wage a successful campaign to prevent congressional Republicans from weakening the Endangered Species Act, which the EEN called the “Noah’s Ark of our day.” More recently, the group has emerged as a prominent voice in the Florida gubernatorial race.


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