zzComments Policy

I know discussions on this topic can get heated, so here are a few general rules to help keep order:

  • No anonymous comments.
  • Keep on-topic. As long as you do so, you’ll add to the conversation.
  • Be nice. If you have to wonder whether you’re being nice, you’re probably not.
  • Try to write precisely and clearly. For most people, this alone will take care of the “be nice” command. That said, it is one of the hardest things on Earth to do and I will fail repeatedly. I trust you to call me out when needed.

A couple rules particular to this blog:

  • This blog is not the place to to argue for the truth/falsehood of evolution, creationism or intelligent design. Please take those comments elsewhere. I am very interested, however, in your thoughts along the lines: “Even though evolution is the scientific consensus, schools should still be allowed to teach creationism because…” Or: “Even though some parents don’t want their children to learn evolution, they must be forced to do so because…”
  • No attacks on religious faith of any kind. Yes, that includes young-Earth creationism. Even if you think creationism is wrong, I expect you to treat the people who believe it with respect and dignity. Please leave if you can’t do so.

Finally, feel free to to link to your own blog as long as your post is directly relevant to the discussion.

And there you have it!