zzAbout this Blog

My last blog discussed topics as eclectic as climate change, religion, history and philosophy of science, regulatory science, basic research and science literacy. This one focuses on science and religion, and particularly evolution, creationism, and intelligent design. I am passionate about this topic and feel it deserves more attention. I hope this blog serves as a forum where it can be discussed calmly and respectfully.

With respect to evolution/creationism, I’ll try to highlight two broad themes:

  1. Evidence: Is there any evidence showing that creationists pose harm to themselves or others? Does rejecting evolution affect one’s ability to solve differential equations or write software? How do we know? Note that these questions do not ask whether the theory of evolution is true or false.
  2. Values: If rejecting evolution isn’t harmful in the way we scientists claim (and it isn’t), then why do we get so angry and heated? What are the underlying values and principles involved? Why aren’t these values discussed openly and what are the consequences for not doing so?

Along the way I’ll touch on religion in general, science education, political theory, diversity, and electoral politics.