Weekend science, religion and etc. reading list

It’s a day late. But here it is:

  1. The Washington Posts’s Alyssa Rosenberg looks at Christianity in the FX show “The Americans.”
  2. More a call-out than a reading. But Adam Laats is part of panel discussion on religion in higher education. It will be on this Monday at 6:30 pm EST and can be streamed.
  3. Via Daniel Sillman, here’s an interesting post on faith and works.
  4. Dan Kahan is still trying figure out that Pakistani doctor. Based on their last two games, I think he needs to turn his attention to the Pakistani cricket team. But given that they lost to both of my teams–West Indies and India–I’m not complaining!

That’s all folks! Hope ya’ll are staying warmer than we are here in Denver:



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