Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list

Here it is folks!

  1. Although I first lived in New York City when I immigrated to the US, I didn’t follow American sports until I moved to to Philadelphia. The former 76ers star Allen Iverson has always been one of my favorites, and so I’m happy he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. With that lengthy intro, check out the YouTube video above of his best crossovers, and read the associated Deadspin article.
  2. Galileo’s reputation is highly overrated.
  3. On diversity in science.
  4. Jacobs on how we all discriminate against the ‘outgroup.’
  5. Kevin Drum on the dangers of publication bias.
  6. Interesting take on women in science.

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  1. Nice finds. Most of my friends grew up trying to imitate that crossover. The music during the video is funny.

    I found the website with the Galileo more interesting than the Galileo article.

    I find Chief Justice John Robert’s question highly uninformed about the impact of inclusion on science and most areas of work.

    I hate publication science and we’re not educated about in in secondary school where you are allowed to write up negative results (and rightly so). Academia disturbs me.

    Outgroup and women articles are both really sad and sadly true for many of us who see it every day.

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