Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list

The weekend reading list kicks off with this awesome article about Stephen Curry. My HS friends and I have been talking about Curry, and I figured I should let all of you know how amazing he is.

Random question for the basketball fans: If you had to pick one player for your team, would it be Lebron James or Steph? As much as I like Steph, I still pick Lebron.

With that, here’s the rest of the reading list:

  1. I *really* want to talk more about this now ancient Adam Laats post on ignorance in education. I’ll leave you with this choice quote until I get to it:

    Any school, any educational project, must also encourage certain forms of ignorance.

    It may seem outlandish, but it’s really so obvious it can be hard to see. What would we say if a second-grade teacher showed her students a violent movie such as Saving Private Ryan? Not at all appropriate. Not because it’s a bad movie, but because it’s incredibly violent.

    What would we say if a second-grade teacher traumatized her students by taking them on a field trip to a slaughterhouse? Not at all appropriate. Not because it’s not educational, but because there are some truths we want to keep from young people.

  2. Based on Rod Dreher’s recommendation, I read Wendell Pierce’s The Wind in the Reeds. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My wife is reading it now, and is also loving it. Check out this short article on how Dreher and Pierce worked together on the book.
  3. Alan Jacobs refutes arguments against religious education.
  4. A family in New Jersey created a geothermal/solar snow-melt system.

That’s all folks!

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