Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list

Hello friends! This weekend it’s extra long to make up for the past couple weeks that I missed:

  1. Note that I am not taking a stance on the Syrian refugee situation by linking to this essay by Megan McArdle. I highlight it entirely because I really loved this sentence: “It took me years of writing on the Internet to learn what is nearly an iron law of commentary: The better your message makes you feel about yourself, the less likely it is that you are convincing anyone else.”
  2. An Indian Nobel laureate insists that homeopathy and astrology are bogus and harmful. Homeopathy maybe. Astrology: nah!
  3. A short summary of a new book on graduate admissions. I can personally relate to the discussions about the Chinese graduate students and astronomical subject GRE scores.
  4. An account of the fascinating exchange between Albert Einstein and W.E. Du Bois.
  5. Ten points of necessary advice for tech writers!
  6. On liberal attacks on social science.
  7. The death of God is greatly exaggerated.
  8. How anti-evolution bills have evolved.


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