Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list

A long one this weekend to make up for the fact I didn’t get to continue posting about Hinduism:

  1. Slate’s Rachel Gross discusses a new Pew survey on science and religion.
  2. As does Sarah Pulliam Bailey at the Washington Post.
  3. The actual survey from Pew.
  4. Fascinating BuzzFeed essay on dating while Christian.
  5. The American left and rural poverty.
  6. BioLogos highlights professional creationists and anti-creationists
  7. Damon Linker critiques Taylor Swift and the rise of robot music. Taylor. Is. Awesome.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The most interesting one was the dating while Christian. It’s hard for me to relate. Perhaps I’m much more conservative, but I can’t imagine lying about going to church even if I don’t know many people who do. I feel you should go confidently and free to say you go or don’t go. Maybe the difference is I grew up going to church and still go whereas she found it later on so it has a narrow specific function for her, where it functions much more broadly for me and affects much more of my life.

    1. But, I should add, her analysis is correct of people’s feelings about Christianity and Christians and how Judaism seems more acceptable. I see the same things in my circle. The only difference is I don’t mind telling people I go to church. (NOTE: It’s important that we don’t equate this lack of acceptance into persecution; they are not the same)

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