Weekend science, religion, and etc. reading list

A longer list this weekend to make up for my lame non-blogging. In my defense I’ve been going through a job transition.

  1. My close friend and frequent commenter Victor on what you learn in Religion 101.
  2. Rod Dreher on faith-based physicists. I somehow suspect my string theorist friends would disagree.
  3. A Dan Kahan-Will Gervais throwdown.
  4. John Corvino on the race-gay rights analogy. In light of my last post, his last paragraph made me think: “How pervasive or intractable does discrimination need to be before we should invoke the long arm of the law to solve it? I don’t have a simple formula for answering that question. I’m wary of those who do.” I realize now I was probably too strong. I will reflect on it.
  5. Via Gracy Olmstead’s Twitter feed, a fascinating piece on elite homeschoolers in Boston.
  6. Also via Gracy, Utah’s innovative approach to homelessness.
  7. A thought-provoking quote on arranged marriages, from another long-time reader and commenter. Found it interesting since my parents and all my Indian friends’ parents had arranged marriages. Click through to the full post.


  1. Thanks for the link to Religion 101. What Victor does not have on his list is a teaching that self-righteousness is always absurd. A lesson he should learn.

    1. Hi Walt. Thanks for your comment. But please remember by comments policy: be nice. Your last sentence is uncalled for. The next time a similar comment will be deleted. Thanks!

    2. Hi, Walt. I’m happy to engage and talk civilly. And I love feedback and discussion. So if you have some comments or questions, I’m happy to respond.

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