This is not a real blog

According to Andrew Sullivan (video below), you must post at least twice a day to be considered a real blog (h/t Nisbet). Since I rarely post twice a week, I’m really in trouble. Apparently I’m not blogging and “just putting stuff up online.”

With that, here is some more stuff I’ve decided to just put online:

1. Gary Gutting in the Times on experts and global warming.

2. William Pannapacker in Slate on fixing higher education. He basically trashes getting a PhD in the humanities.

3. The response from several graduate students, and his response to the response.

4. An allegedly great podcast on patent trolling from This American Life. Allegedly because people who’ve actually listened to it seem to like it.

5. Bruggeman and Pielke on the passing of John Marburger (George W. Bush’s science advisor). Notable for me because he played a big role in forming this group that I’ve worked with.

6. Given how much I write about science and sports, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight this excellent Freddie DeBoer analogy between baseball and high-quality teachers.

7. Along those lines, Roger Pielke Jr’s new blog The Least Thing focuses entirely on the role of sport in society. Yeah!

That is all. You may continue.

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  1. Regardless of semantics, I like your “just putting stuff up online” site. Wow, Andrew Sullivan looks a lot different than when I last saw him!

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