1. When I talk politics and policy with my black democratic friends, I hear conservative republican policy support over and over again. And yet when pointed out, I get the “you must be kidding” look and told that they will never vote for a republican because the GOP accepted the dixicrats. How do you overcome that?

    1. Thanks for the comment. It won’t be easy. I think the best path is to start small and build up over time. But it has to be deliberate and conscious. As I said in my essay, similar to a startup entering a new market.

      thanks again.

      1. Praj, this is in response to your article on Rs targeting Blacks. I got to thinking about what things are uniquely important to Blacks, rather than to minorities in general. Obviously, slavery is the issue. What if Rs were able to compromise somehow on reparations? There would have to be limits and conditions, otherwise it would be either too expensive, not significant enough to matter, or both. Proposal: Provide reparations in the form of federal land grants. This is actually a conservative solution for a few reasons. It provides the oportunity to be a pioneer that was denied African slaves because they were brought here unwillingly. It moves land from Federal hands into private hands. It is a much more meaningful gift than just cash that can produce long term if combined with hard work and inovation. It can’t be easily blown. There should also be low to no interest federal loans to get the land producing. Finally, if the new owners wanted to sell for cash, they should be allowed to after five or ten years.

        1. Thanks for your comment. That’s an interesting proposal. I think that would be a tough sell for Republicans voters. I personally think that the better approach is to have more race-neutral policies, and sell them as benefiting AAs particularly since they are still the poorest Americans.

          But for me the bigger point is that we should be having this debate. The specific policies you or I suggest is less important.

          Thanks again.

      2. Republicans Need To Treat Race Like Faith

        I think that could only work if it went both ways – for blacks and whites. Let’s be honest, conservatives may want ignore the significance of race in minorities, but liberals want to slander the significance of race in the majority – they already treat “whiteness” in the same demeaning way that they treat Christianity. So under your system, would whites be ALLOWED to be white?This begs so many questions and sounds like a good deal if implimeted honestly and equitably. Very interesting idea, though.

        1. Thanks again. I agree that a segment of liberals mock / demean white people. I wouldn’t generalize that too much though. As for white allowed to be white…I’ll have to think about that. I think the salience of race is more important for minorities. I can see ethnicity mattering more (e.g. Italian-American, Polish-American). Not sure about race in and of itself.

      1. Yes…I believe they did. But for me the question isn’t whether AAs will “favor” Democrats. It’s by how much. Given how close Presidential elections are, small differences in their vote can make a big difference.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! Not sure the general idea is original. The idea that Rs should focus almost exclusively on black-Americans might be unique. But not to pursue them.

      Thanks again.

      1. Yeah, I meant the idea that Rs should focus almost exclusively on black Americans, that that alone could win them elections. It was a new idea to me and I don’t recall hearing it from anyone else.

  2. Your article was genius. I’ve been obsessed with politics for Years and this is one of the best pieces I’ve ever ready. Every GOP candidate should read it.

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