Honeymoon blogging break (sort of)


Hello millions of adoring fans. My wife and I are leaving for our honeymoon later tonight. I’m banned from writing any new posts over the next three weeks, and so the blogging will be lighter than usual. I have scheduled a few short posts to appear, including the highly-anticipated winter-break reading list. So don’t completely tune out!

If you’re curious, we’re doing 2 weeks in South Africa and ~1 week in Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, and Lesotho. I’ll try to post pictures to my Twitter account (@PrajCKulkarni).

Happy holidays, happy new year, and see you in January.


  1. Praj! Congratulations on your marriage. I hope you and your bride enjoy the honeymoon. I have been lurking for a while reading your previous blog and this one. Hope you are doing well, and enjoy the trip.

    1. Scott! Good to hear from you. Thanks for the nice comment. Hope you’re doing well too. Don’t hesitate to look me up if you’re ever in the Denver area. Where are you now?

      1. I’m back in school at UT Austin doing research on MBE-grown optoelectronics. I thought you were back in the Bay Area. Is Denver your new base of operations?

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