Help me rename my blog!

Hello world. I am in fact still alive. So much so that I’m kinda, sorta planning on blogging more regularly again. Meaning I want to start blogging at my normal blistering rate of one post a week.

So along those lines…I would like to rename my blog to something more informative. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Keep in my mind that ultimately I want to reach out to scientists (specifically PhD grad students in engineering/science) and expose them to┬áconcepts from science studies, history, philosophy, etc.┬áSo methinks something with either “PhD” or “scientist” or “grad student” in the name would be good. But I’m not set on it.

Here are some initial ideas to spark your thoughts (all of these would presumably be the URL with a ‘.com’ or ‘.org’ at the end):

  1. VersatileScientist: not quite what I’m going for…and it’s also totally plagiarzed from (which already exists).
  2. ReflectiveScientist/ReflectivePhd: Conceptually, this is what I’m going for. But frankly, I think the name is a tad lame.
  3. SelfAwareScientist: Also what I’m going for conceptually, but (if this is even possible) it’s probably even more lame than number 2.
I can also go with something more general. Some of the suggestions I’ve heard:
Number 3 is in jest, although my former advisor may disagree…I suspect he would insist that at no point was I ever a scientist.

At any rate, I don’t like the second batch as much. But I’m willing to be swayed, and also to consider something out of left field that’s really creative and clever. You know, like a jump to conclusions mat:

Anyway…any thoughts/suggestions really appreciated.


  1. How about “saved by Sarewitz”? j/k, of course, but there is a Facebook group by that name. I say go for something memorable rather than descriptive (says the person with a boring site name).

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