Blog dump

1. Dot Earth on why global warming is boring, with follow up here and here.   Very loosely connects with my previous post on public indifference to science.

2. Physics envy among financial analysts (h/t The Bubble Chamber).  The math can get a bit much (I mostly glossed over it) and some of the terminology will seem strange without a background in physics.  But sections 1 – 3 and 8 are quite accessible and not too dense at all.  I especially liked their comparisons of psychology and economics (2.3), and their analysis of the financial collapse in Section 8.  

This comic gem comes right after “Level 5: Irreducible Uncertainty” in their uncertainty taxonomy:

Level $latex \infty$: Zen Uncertainty
Attempts to understand uncertainty are mere illusions; there is only suffering

Ha! There’s also a one-hour video here, which I haven’t seen yet.

3. Bill Davenhall on geomedicine (video below)

[ted id = 748]

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